Is Purina Beneful Dog Food on Recall List?


Is Purina Beneful Dog Food on Recall List?

Frank B

As of February 5, 2013, Purina Beneful is not on any Recall List. 

Recently there has been requests by some dog owners to put it on a recall list claiming that it has made their pets sick or in some cases killed them but there is no substantiation of the concerns raised.  There are articles on MSN and Examiner discussing the subject talking about how the FDA has failed to take action.  There are other postings by pet owners on as well and its rated slightly above 1 star there. 

Its hard to tell if there is any substantiation to the consumer complaints and to be fair to Purina … Here are the statements from Beneful.

"There are no known product issues with Beneful dog food.  Consumers can continue to feed Beneful to their pets with total confidence." Consumers can direct questions about Beneful to 1-888-236-3385.

The only recent recalls were Purina’s website with the Waggin’ Train and Canyon Creek Ranch brand chicken jerky dog treats on Jan. 9 were recalled.  This was due to trace amounts of antibiotic residue found in them.

Ron Taylor

My cousin lost his dog this morning with these symptons and he only was feeding Beneful, sending remaining food to the University to have analyzed. 


Again, no it is not. But I think it should be recalled. Why? I think my dog could’ve potentially died from eating it earlier this year. Of course, I am not 100% sure that this is actually true, and I don’t know if it actually has anything to do with Menu Foods at all, but all I know is that she was completely fine one day, stopped eating the next, and died about 3 days later. At first, I didn’t think anything suspicious about her death aside from it being sudden, but after being shocked from seeing this page… and seeing that the symptoms listed there were essentially the same as the ones my dog had the night before she died, as well as knowing that she had started a new bag of Beneful the day before she started refusing to eat, I started to think that maybe something was up. I do not mean to be potentially inducing panic among pet owners who feed their dog Beneful,

1 has the list of foods that are not on the recall list. Beneful is not on the recall list.


Not yet, but there are new things coming out all the time. Beneful isn’t good dogfood, it’s a corn based diet. If you have any health issues at all with your dog, you can very likely blame the food.. Allergies, skin, ears etc. New WASHINGTON – The recall of pet foods and treats contaminated with an industrial chemical expanded Thursday to include dog biscuits made by an Alabama company. The Food and Drug Administration said Sunshine Mills Inc. is recalling dog biscuits made with imported Chinese wheat gluten. Testing has revealed the wheat gluten, a protein source, was contaminated with melamine, used to make plastics and other industrial products. Also Thursday, Menu Foods, a major manufacturer of brand- and private-label wet pet foods expanded its original recall to include a broader range of dates, the FDA said. Menu Foods was the first of at least six companies to recall pet foods and treats made with the contaminated ingredient. The FDA knows of no other pet product companies plan

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