Is rice bran oil or coconut oil better?

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1 Answer

On One Hand: Rice Bran Oil Better as FoodAnne Hart of examiner.com states that rice bran oil has antioxidant properties from its constituents; oryzanol and tocotrienol. She states, "Rice bran oil reduces the harmful cholesterol (LDL) without reducing good cholesterol (HDL)." Ricebranoilinfo.com substantiates these claims with several clinical studies of oryzanol and tocotrienol. However, not many topical uses are recognized.On the Other: Coconut Oil Good on SkinRichard Maloof of MSN Health and Fitness states that coconut oil is under fire because its saturated fats tend to raise cholesterol levels when consumed. Livestrong.com lists benefits of coconut oil for topical use, including removing dead skin cells, preventing liver spots and wrinkles, firming the skin and repairing damaged skin.Bottom LineCoconut oil is better for topical use in beauty regimens, and rice bran oil is better for consumption.
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