Is rusting a chemical or physical change?

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Explain. Rusting is a chemical change. New substances with new properties are produced Colour change Not easily reversible 21. Draw the matter tree (the classification of matter chart). Give an example of each type of matter. See figure 6.25 on page 152 or your notes (legal size pink sheet) 22. What is the difference between pure substances and mixtures? Pure substances are made of only one kind of particle (all of the atoms in elements are the same - all of the molecules in compounds are the same). Mixtures contain two or more different kinds of particles (they are made of two or more pure substances mixed together). Pure substances have the same properties in any sample you choose, while mixtures may have different properties depending on the sample. 23. Different samples of a compound always have the same properties, but different samples of a mixture may have different properties. Explain this statement, using the kinetic molecular theory in your explanation. Compounds are made ... more
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