Is Seroquel To Become The New "Roofie?

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I've complained on this site before about the odd phenomenon of Google searches for "seroquel snorting," "shooting seroquel" and the like coming to this site, principally because I have made stray mentions in the past of the drug's underground status as a drug of abuse. I think I was the first in the mental health blgosphere to write about Seroquel's misuse in this fashion in January 2007. And, the hits haven't let up since, sadly, because something is up in American society. It's surely not AstraZeneca's fault, but its star antipsychotic is apparently becoming a new breed of hillbilly heroin, a la Oxycontin (which can also be crushed and snorted, or melted down and injected). The $4 billion a year in sales drug is set for FDA approval for depression and anxiety, meaning there will be even more of it out there to divert into underground uses. Lovely. Last evening, however, I was visited by someone in the US looking for information on "seroquel 'date rape.'" Yes, the very concept is ...
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