Is slayer a satanic band?

band satanic slayer

You would guess so because of their music and stage performances, but the band members are NOT satanists. The bassist/singer and the drummer are Christian, and the other two are athiests. Also, people say they are Nazis because they have the Nazi symbol onstage when they play. But they are not: one of their guitarists, Jeff Hanneman, grew up in a family of war veterans, so he finds all that Nazi stuff interesting. They write about stuff like Satan and Nazis because they find it more fun to write about that instead of good things. Lastly, those Swastikas (Nazi symbol) and pentagrams (satanic symbol) are just for show and artwork for their albums and to freak people out. If you don’t believe me, look at the band members pages on Wikipedia. Band members are Kerry King (guitar), Jeff Hanneman (guitar), Tom Araya (bass/vocals), and Dave Lombardo (drums).