Is taurus woman and pisces man a good match?

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yes lol it can be a good match...i'm a pisces man and i find that taurus women provide a sense of balance for me...they are sensible and practical, although not as good with emotions... Taurus Woman & Pisces Man This is a match that could bloom into true love if it lasts. Pisces boys are flaky dreamers who tend to float around in their own world, but your down-to-earth nature makes him a little more grounded. Your loyalty also makes him feel safe and cared for. In turn, he inspires you to think of everyday things a little bit differently, and his physically affectionate nature (he loves hugging and holding hands) will make you feel very loved. There are differences between you, but if you can work through the problem spots this could turn into lasting love. Even though they're the lovers of the zodiac, mention isn't always made of Pisces determined side. Trust us: it's there. Taurus is attracted to Pisces' charm, good looks and intellectual depth, and Pisces loves Taurus' ... more
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