Is that true that girls does not wear pantie under their Kimono?

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1 Answer

There's a difference between not wearing panties and wearing nothing, and if a kimono is worn properly it doesn't matter if she's wearing panties or not because the lack of panties is hardly going to be immodest. Modern women may or may not wear panties under kimono depending on their own preferences. Regardless of what they choose to do panty-wise, if they're wearing the kimono correctly they will ALSO be wearing a kimono slip AND a juban, both of which are at least knee-length and may be ankle-length. They will also have everything tied in place rather tightly, the the kimono will be completely closed in the front (like...go grab a bathrobe, put it on, and pull it tightly enough that each open edge touches the outside of the opposite thigh -- that's how a kimono is worn). Dancers might also wear knee-length shorts under their slip (to my knowledge there is nothing stopping non-dancers from wearing these if they choose). PS: Modern Scottish people wear underwear and shorts under ... more
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