Is the alligator OR crocodile more dangerous?

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Nile crocs are "extinct" in a good portion of the nile river now, yes, but they are still quite numerous throughout the rest of Africa. Your question can be answered in so many ways. In general, because crocs typically attain larger sizes and are found in tropical areas all around the world as opposed to two species of true alligator located in the southeastern U.S. and a small stretch of the Yangtze River in China (nearly extinct in the wild), crocs are more dangerous. In Florida, 25 people have been killed by alligators over the course of about 50 years. Every year Nile crocs are responsible for an average of 300 human fatalities in Africa. I'm not sure on the stats for Saltwater crocs (the other "maneater" of the croc world). But again, you look at size and diet, gators don't get anywhere near as big, nor do they have things like wildebeest and zebras and gazelles and stuff to eat. Nile croc eats these things on a regular basis, sees a person at the water's edge washing clothes or ... more
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