Is the California State Preschool Program Application to be submitted in addition to the Continued Funding Application?


In all cases the Continued Funding Application should be submitted. For those agencies that hold a State Preschool Child Development Program (CPRE), Full-Day preschool Child Care Program (CFDP), Prekindergarten Family Literacy Part-Day (CPKP), Prekindergarten Family Literacy Full-Day (CPKF) and/or a Center-based Child Care Program (CCTR) contract providing services to eligible three- and four-year-old children in a center-based setting in fiscal year 2008-09, the CSPP application also needs to be submitted. Please note: the Continued Funding Application cannot be processed until your California State Preschool Program Application has been received by Child Development Division (CDD). • I operate multiple the California Department of Education (CDE) contracts and move children among them throughout the year to meet the needs of the family; what will happen, if after identifying the amount to be moved from my CCTR contract to my CSPP contract, the population changes and I do not have eno

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