Is the custodial parent required to present proof of where child support goes or how it’s spent?

Sam Cordon

When is the support-receiving parent required to present such proof?

Mike Gurley

Proof of how child support is spent is usually not required because the assumption is that money is used to provide for the basic needs of the child. But there are instances when documentation will be needed. This is when either parent asks for a modification of the amount that goes to child support. 

It’s possible for the parent receiving child support to ask for a modification if he/she claims that the amount is insufficient to cover the basic needs of the child. It’s also possible that the request for modification of the child support amount is made by the parent sending the amount. This happens when the parent providing child support believes that the payments are misused, or are in excess, or are no longer used to pay for the basic needs of the child. Either way, the parent who is receiving the child support will be the one to provide proof of how the child support has been allocated and used. 

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