Is the Esoteric Theological Seminary accredited?

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1 Answer

When asking if the Seminary is accredited it is important to note we are talking only about the degree-granting function of our Seminary. Ordinations are done by our Esoteric Interfaith Church, Inc. and there is never a question whether an ordination is "accredited" or "unaccredited" because there is no such thing as accrediting a church. Churches have complete freedom to give minister and rabbi credentials as they see fit. The question of accrediting only applies to degrees. Our Seminary does grant religious degrees and does so legally without accreditation because we are exempt from accreditation. Like all other alternative religious schools and seminaries there is no accrediting agency in existence who will accredit us at the present time. Should such an accrediting body be formed ETS will seriously consider independent accreditation. For the meantime, we are not Christian enough for the Christian accrediting agencies, nor Jewish enough for the Jewish ones, and our Seminary is not ... more
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