Is the source code of MakeTZX available?

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1 Answer

We are not yet going to release the sources of version 2.xx, but the old v1.02.1 code is freely available for download at our site. Please read carefully the enclosed documentation. 10. MakeTZX says that all is OK, but the resulting TZX doesn't work. Most probably this is due to a bad sync pulse which is the most difficult thing to detect in a Spectrum tape sample file. If a sync pulse hasn't been correctly detected, MakeTZX would report a checksum error on 95% of times; the remaining 5% is when MakeTZX detects a wrong sync pulse but the checksum is still good, so MakeTZX saves this block without processing it twice, since it has been "loaded ok". If you look at the resulting TZX with a proper utility (or a simple hex editor if you dare :-) ), you'll find that the block that causes the loading error has the flag byte value divided or multiplied by 2 modulus 256: this is because the bad detection subtracts a bit to the flag. 11. MakeTZX prints "done." but it doesn't produce any block. ...
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