Is there a big difference between Classical Arabic – Literature Arabic – Standard Arabic (or Modern Standard Arabic) and Colloquial – Syrian spoken Dialect?

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Syrian people speak a colloquial Arabic (Al A’mmia or Syrian dialect) is very close (with Yemenite) to the Classical, formal Standard MSA Arabic (Al Fus-ha) and is easy to understand standard due to historical and geographical reasons (near Saudi Arabia, where Arabic came from). The Syrian spoken language remains the closest to Classical Arabic, enabling the students to continue their lessons outside the classroom, practicing in everyday life, with almost everybody. If you are a beginner, you will obviously think that these are 2 different languages, but little by little, you will get used to it and appreciate all the similarities. Syrian Arabic is the most useful and accessible of all the Arabic dialects. It is almost identical to dialect in Lebanon, Palestine and Jordan (and part of Iraq) and it is widely understood all over the Arab world. This gives the great possibility to use classical Arabic with Syrians, who understand it perfectly. We don’t advice you to study Ammya ( ...
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