Is there a chance of recovering from Diabetes and if so, how long?

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1 Answer

Currently, there is no cure. No matter how well you control diabetes, if you eat too many carbs, whether starch or sugar, your blood sugar will go up. Some people think that if you control your blood sugar with diet and exercise, that you have cured your diabetes. This is wrong, and it's also very dangerous thinking. Even if your diabetes is very well controlled, you WILL have a diabetic reaction if you don't eat correctly even once. This could cause permanent harm or even death. Right now, researchers are investigating the possibility of transplanting islets of Langerhans cells (these are the cells that produce insulin) into people who don't produce any insulin at all. However, the transplants only work in a minority of the patients, and the patients have to take drugs to suppress their immune systems for the rest of their lives. These drugs have some pretty serious side effects, plus of course the patient is at an increased risk for every kind of bacterial and viral infection there ... more
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