Is there a cure or treatment for PVC's of the heart?

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1 Answer

Premature Ventricular Contractions (PVC's) are abnormal contractions that begin in the ventricles. These extra contractions usually beat sooner than the next regular heartbeat. And they often interrupt the normal order of pumping, which is atria first then ventricles. As a result, the extra, out-of-sync beats are usually less effective in pumping blood throughout the body. Many people have PVC's. If you go to the doctor for this they may want you to wear a holter monitor to try and catch the PVC's if that is what it is. Also they may want to do blood work to ensure you do not have an electrolyte imbalance or low potassium level for example which can cause irregular heart beats. They may want to do a EKG and echocardiogram also. Other tests they may want to do are exercise stress EKG and event recorder ECG. I have had all of the above. Too much caffeine and other medications such as asthma medications can cause PVC's, increased adrenaline in the body due to exercise and anxiety can ... more
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