Is there a difference between white and black chia seeds?

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2 Answers

There is no difference between the seeds other than the color. Our seeds are a mixture of the two colors. Check out the USDA's web site at http://www.nal.usda.gov/fnic/foodcomp/search/ Chia seeds are both black and white in color. The nutrition is the same in both "colors" of seeds. If you plant only the white seeds you will produce white chia or planting black will only produce black. The biggest difference is the growing area and the climate differences. If you compare the two seeds (analses completed by an ISO 9000 certified laboratory) the average for white chia seeds are 16.5% protein, 32.6% lipids and for the black chia seeds 16.9% protein, 32.4%lipids. You need to ask the sellers of "white chia" to provide a lab report with the name and address of the lab so that you can compare the two reports. 9. Someone told me there is a lot of caffeine in Chia and that's why it is an energy food. Chia does not contain any caffeine. more
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The difference in nutritional content of white and black chia is insignificant. As a natural product, variations will occur within each growing season for both black and white chia, however the nutritional facts are virtually the same for both chia products. Seasonally, white chia is produced in smaller quantities.

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