Is there a drug containing gallium nitrate available for treatment of horses with navicular disease?

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1 Answer

YES. The FDA accepted our drug claims and we were able to obtain a "legal drug label" for sale of our product (Navicular Research Gallium Nitrate Bone & Joint Support) for treating pain and inflammation in the feet of horses. However, we are not allowed to link directly to it by the FDA, since there are so many "cures" and "treatments" described on this current page. In the interest of "freedom of speech", the FDA allows us to provide a link to a Google search page, which will direct you to our gallium nitrate sales page. Use the sales page to purchase the product by credit/debit card, telephone, check or PayPal. We market two outstanding gallium nitrate products, a 14% concentrate at $80 (a 14 day supply) and a 42% at $220 (a 42 day supply). Click button to go to the Google search page to find our sales page. Click here to go to my pages on treating arthritis with our gallium nitrate product. QUESTION: How do I administer gallium nitrate to my horse to treat his navicular disease? ... more
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