Is there a way to abort puppies without spaying?

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1 Answer

Yes there is a clean out shot that aborts puppies. The vet has to do it though. While you are in the vets you might want to see if the vet can tell you what to look for next time your female is in heat since you said you didnt know. If your female was bred by another beagle why not let her carry the puppies to term and sell them. However if you dont want the puppies and want to breed her in the future then go ahead with the abortion. I know that people will tell you that you are bad for aborting them but those same people will also tell you that you are bad for adding to the unwanted pet population. So you cant win. Do what is best for you and your female. If you are not planning on breeding her the best thing would be to spay her. It will reduce her risk from having problems with certain cancers and you will have no more unwanted litters or problems with delivery on pups (sometimes they can have major complications). If you are planning on breeding her then talk to your vet about ... more
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