Is there an age limit for Big Brothers/Big Sisters?

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1 Answer

The minimum age for Big Brothers is 18. There is no maximum age limit, as long as the volunteer is in good general health and is physically active. Do you need to own a car? No, some of our Big and Little Brothers rely on public transit. We’’ll try to match a particular Big Brother to a child on an easy bus route. Who are the Little Brothers/Sisters? Children in our programs range in age from 6 - 16 years. Each child is unique, responsive, and has a need for a consistent, positive role model. As we are a volunteer service, our program is friendship based and is not designed as a form of intervention for serious individual or family problems. Is there a cost involved in being a Big Brother? Some incidental costs may be incurred while on outings with your "Little"; however, we encourage all participants to be creative about finding low or no cost activities to do together. We plan some special events for our volunteers and Littles that everyone is encouraged to attend at little or no ... more
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