Is there an official Monty Python fan club?

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1 Answer

No. But there are many unofficial ones. Q: Do you have a list? A: Not really. Q: Is there an official Python store for merchandise? A:Check online at pythonline.com, montypythondirect.com, and pythonshop.com. You can now get mugs and plush dead parrots along with the standard CDs, videos and DVDs. Unless you meant a real-life store, in which case ... are you mistaking Python for the Disney corporation or something? The Pythons did not merchandise outright for many years, so a real-life store would be rather bare, at least until Mr. Gumby action figures start cluttering the shelves of Wal-Marts everywhere. But Python merchandise can sometimes be found at gift stores like Spencer's gifts, if you're very lucky. Actually, an interesting fact about your humble webmaster - I worked on the Python merchandising campaign by Blisshouse, designing and drawing the art for such nonsense as the Python Toilet Paper from onarollonline.com ... Yes, my drawings now adorn toilet paper. My legacy. And ... more
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