Is there any cure for Pyometra?

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1 Answer

For very ill patients your veterinarian will recommend immediate surgery. The uterus and ovaries must be carefully removed without releasing any of the poisonous contents. If this is not done the uterine wall will eventually rupture spreading the infection and killing the animal. The only nonsurgical treatment available involves the use of fluid therapy, antibiotics and prostraglandins to help the uterus contract and expel the pus. This is not an option for animals with closed Pyometra, and even if this treatment is successful the infection will likely reoccur when the animal goes into heat again. The only way to prevent Pyometra is to have your dog spayed. Spaying young animals is fairly routine and comparatively inexpensive. Even older animals face a greater risk from Pyometra than from spaying. Luckily for animals that do develop Pyometra, successful surgery usually leads to a full recovery.
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