Is there rent control in New Brunswick?

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1 Answer

No, there is no rent control in New Brunswick. A landlord is obliged to provide three months written notice of any rental increase. Once advised of the increase, a tenant may choose to end the tenancy with one month’s notice. New Brunswick does have the Office of the Rentalsman, a government service which provides information on rental duties and rights and helps landlords and tenants resolve problems without going to court. You can find out more about the Rentalsman or renting in New Brunswick at www.snb.ca/irent. Retirement Miramichi’s policy with regard to rent increases is that the rental structure is reviewed annually. We have had rent increases in the past but to date no rental increase has ever exceeded two percent. We thank our tenants for being with us for the long-term with a one-time tenancy rebate of $200 upon completion of five years of tenancy. After ten years of tenancy, our tenants are no longer subject to rent increases. more
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