Is there replacement headset for my Plantronics T10 or T20?

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How do I get replacement AC wall adapter for my Plantronics T10 or T20? We stock the replacement Plantronics T10/T20 AC wall adapter or you can call us direct at 877-999-3838 directly to place the order. PLANTRONICS T20 Specific FAQ: Can I use the Plantronics T20 with more than one telephone line? The Plantronics T20 itself is a two-line telephone. It can connect into either a dual line jack or two separate line jacks. How do I install my T20 Headset Telephone? The T20 can be connected to 2 separate telephone lines. 1) Connect the AC power adapter to the T20. Plug the other end into a wall outlet. 2) Connect the T20 to the telephone line in your wall. If the jack is dual-line, connect the dual-line cord (with the white tag) to the T20's Telephone Line 1/2 jack. If each line is a separate jack, connect one of the wall cords to the T20's Dual-line jack and the other to the Line 2 jack. 3) Set the Tone/Pulse switch (touch-tone phones can use tone). 4) Set the Ringer Volume Control for ... more
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