Is Total Gym better than other Home Fitness products?

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My first piece of weight training equipment was a Total Gym 1000, way back in 1998. I thought that it’d make me big and strong just like Chuck. I was wrong; I found that the Total Gym 1000 on the highest setting couldn’t tax my prepubescent muscles. I’ve read that the Total Gym has made leaps and bounds since then, and comes with resistance band settings to add resistance, but that still doesn’t sell me on this product. If you’re looking at buying a Total Gym, make sure you purchase one with the additional resistance option. Total Gyms in my mind are best suited for females and the elderly. They can help tone your body with minimal stress on the body and it’s joints. This isn’t meant to be viewed as derogatory to females or the elderly but the Total Gym is useless to most males, usually looking to add lots of muscle. Bandflex: The Bowflex Alternative At a fraction of the cost of the lowest priced Bowflex, the Bandflex is a great alternative. Although not as advanced as the Bowflex, ... more
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