Is travel insurance available for multiple trips?

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Is travel insurance available for multiple trips?


Of course yes as long as they are trips and among the warrantee period, actually, you can go to consult a layer or you can consult the insurance company when you buy the insurance. Ask them carefully in case they are playing cheats,


Travel insurance for traveling abroad is issued before leaving the country. The insurance policy guarantees tourists compensation for medical expenses in the event of an accident or illness, will help with transportation to their home country or in case of unforeseen circumstances, such as loss of Luggage, non-departure, and so on.
It is usually issued for a certain period of time, which you can insure abroad. You can either be on a single trip, or use 10 small trips. You can purchase travel insurance here.

Lucas Bouson

Sure !
Make sure which countries cover your insurance, and make sure you can contact them for any questions everywhere just via internet.

I used a travel insurance which cover any countries for a certain period of time but certain specific countries (U.S.A. for example because of a different medical system)


Ans. Yes. You can choose a Single Trip or Multiple Trip travel insurance. In case of single trip policy, the protection will be valid for the duration of a specific trip only. In case of a Multiple Trip policy, the protection extends to all the trips undertaken during insurance period.

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