Is turmeric useful in osteoarthritis? Can a turmeric supplement be taken together with a boswellia supplement?

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A. Turmeric may be helpful in some people for osteoarthritis. See the link for more information. We don't see any major problems combining turmeric with Boswellia as long as the dosages are not excessive. Q. I recently took Turmeric capsules 500mg for two weeks using one a day. It resulted in rash causing extreme itching. I was hoping it would help my psoriasis. Can this condition be reversed as I still continue to experience the itching even though I have stopped taking the turmeric. A. Although allergies could occur to any herb or spice, we have not had any else report to us about a turmeric allergy. Perhaps it was a coincidence and something else you ate or another supplement is causing the allergy, or perhaps a filler or other ingredient in the turmeric supplement caused it. Q. Is turmeric found in a product called Zyflamend? A. Yes, see Zyflamend. Turmeric is found is this product. more
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