Is Wheatena Hot Breakfast Cereal Healthy?

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1 Answer

While roaming down the aisles of your local supermarket in search of a hot breakfast cereal, you may come upon a box of Wheatena Toasted Wheat Cereal. Wheatena cereal is nothing new. In fact, it’s been around since 1879 when it was developed by a small bakery store owner. Little did he know what a hit this hot breakfast cereal would be. Wheatena is still alive and well today and continues to grace the breakfast tables of hungry people who want something fast, but prefer a hot breakfast cereal over a cold, soggy one. But, what about the health benefits of Wheatena cereal? Is it a healthful addition to the breakfast table? What’s in Wheatena Toasted Wheat Cereal? Wheatena is a mixture of wheat germ, wheat bran, and crushed whole wheat that’s fortified with calcium. It comes in a bright orange, yellow, and blue box and is carried at most grocery stores in the hot cereal aisle – in the same section as the oatmeal. Is Wheatena Cereal Healthy?: The Good Wheatena is a whole grain cereal in ...
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