Is whitening toothpaste ok with braces?

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2 Answers

DO NOT use whitening toothpaste. It is not ok with braces. Your orthodontist should have told you. The whitening agent will do a couple of things, it will make your teeth more sensitive and it can wear down the cement holding your brackets on, sooner or later you will find brackets coming off or loose, also it can and probably will leave a spot under the brackets a little less white. When they put your brackets on the used like a pumas to your teeth to make the fibers stick out and enable the cement to stick, the agents in the toothpaste then get in and make them sensitive. more
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A friend of mine used it and when he took off the braces the place where they were was yellower. As the braces are stuck on the tooth that area won't be whitened. So i don't think it will mess up your braces I just think the result will look bad once your braces are taken off. Its on thing to try to whiten your teeth when they are all one shade but when they are 2 shades... It might be harder. I am pretty sure it'll look bad. So my advice is just wait until your braces are off and then do the whitening stuff so the entire tooth will be the same color. more

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