Is wood from mulberry trees good for firewood?

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1 Answer

I just started burning mulberry in a boxwood stove in my shop and am planning on putting a woodstove in my home and use basically mulberry as I have an almost unlimited supply of dead, down mulberry on my property. On a firewood rating sheet I have, Osage Orange or Hedge tree, is ranked the highest for heat output at 100. Ash is 73, white oak is 80 and mulberry is 79. It ranks mulberry as "excellent" for firewood, low smoke with a good aroma, however it does throw sparks. I have mulberry trees that have been laying on the ground for years, all the bark is gone and it is still solid, dry, and burns very well. The 3 to 4 inch diameter logs burn very easy. The larger logs, 5 inches and up burn slower and i use the smaller ones to keep it going. Mulberry leaves a great bed of coals. Mulberry is now my wood of choice over hackberry which i have used for years. Mulberry burns pretty hot and heats my shop up very quickly. more
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