I've lost my BTEC (now called Edexcel) certificate - what do I do?

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2 Answers

If you've lost your BTEC certificate they can usually be replaced (depending on age) with a new certificate by contacting Past Records at Edexcel. The certificate will be printed in the current BTEC format so may not look like older certificates. You may receive a Letter for Confirmation rather than a new certificate. The certificate will have REPLACEMENT printed in the bottom left hand corner. Details of charges are available from BTEC. more
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Not strictly true! I studied for my BTEC HND in Electronics at Southampton Institute in 1986-1987, and was never issued with an original certificate or results statement as I had no fixed address at the time and moved around a lot before my family (what would have been my permanent address, such as it was then)emigrated to New Zealand just after I finished the course.

I have contacted Edexcel and completed their on-line application for a replacement certificate or statement of results and was told they have no records of my qualification.

For the last 25 years, I have been working for the same company which I started with the day after I finished my final exams in July 87...so the whole certificate/qualification issue hasn't mattered...until now when I am looking to change my job. My former college (now a so-called university) has absolutely no records from that far back, and I have been told by Ofqual and every other qualifications agency in the UK that only Edexcel would have any records of the former BTEC Nationals if they still exist. It seems they don't have any....so I'm now screwed. My only hope now is to see if my former Education Authority (Hampshire) will at least have records of the student grant they paid me to study the course, and the tuition fees so I can least try to prove I attended the course for two years, even if my certificate or results no longer exist. No accredited study countersigned by the college - no grant back then.

Edexcel charged me £35 for the priviledge, for which they will refund me £10 as they hold no records.


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