Jamie Lee Curtis, Hermaphrodite?

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Dear Urban Legends: I've heard from a few places that Jamie Lee Curtis is genetically male. I know it is genetically possible for something like this to happen -- Ms. Curtis is the only famous person I've ever heard linked to this "problem." Have you heard anything about this one? One of my best friends is convinced it's impossible. * * * Dear Urban Legends: Several years ago, a colleague who was married to a doctor told me that when her husband was in medical school, one of the professors brought up Jamie Lee Curtis as an example of someone who was born with an unusual chromosome structure (some variation of XXY). The story goes that she had (at birth) both female and male sexual characteristics. I was unconvinced by this tale, but my colleague (not one to exaggerate) insisted that it was common knowledge in the medical community. Have you heard this one? * * * Dear Urban Legends: Is it true Jamie Lee Curtis is a hermaphrodite? I heard she admitted it on Oprah. Dear Readers: ... more
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