JW VERDICT: What are some of Judicial Watch's most significant open records victories?

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FARRELL: We're very fortunate to have some very significant victories in this field, for example: There is the Commerce Department case – proving the Clinton administration's unlawful sale of trade mission seats as a means of raising illegal campaign cash; Uncovering the sale of missile and satellite technology to China for Clinton campaign cash – known as "Chinagate"; Records detailing the targeting of conservative organizations for audits by the IRS; Documenting the dangers to women posed by the abortion drug RU-486; Uncovering the real cost calculations of the Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit Program and providing them to Congress when the Department of Health and Human Services would not; Exposing the FBI's "kid gloves" escort duty for Saudi royals and bin Laden family members as they fled the country on specially-authorized charter flights within days of 9/11; Revealing the White House approved gag order to Border Patrol agents forbidding them from telling the truth about ... more
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