Kavita 23years old has very small breasts. Can you please suggest a permanent remedy, rather than operation, or silicon bag implant, as they are too expensive and not affordable?

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Ans: Kavita, 23 years old thinks she has small breasts. She is reluctant to undergo silicone implantation, which I think is a wise approach. If you are undernourished, the fat around the breast is reduced, thus making them appear small. In that case a 4-5 kg weight gain will help you. It will be good to take extra exercise of pectoral muscles (muscles underlying the breasts), which would increase prominence of breasts. These exercise are simple and can be done with the help of chest expander (springs or tubes) or Ladies Bullworker. If your periods are normal, you are not likely to have any estrogen deficiency. If not, estrogen supplements will augment the breast size. However, this should only be done if really necessary and under endocrinologist's supervision. Q Abhishek-(5ft 4in tall boy of 20yrs) want to know whether I can increase my height. I would like to know about the drugs or any other orthopaedic treatment that is currently available in the medical field. Ans: Boys ... more
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