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David Miller

Keto Shark Tank Kelly Clady-Giramma received her Master’s level in Traditional Chinese Drugs in San Francisco. Kelly has had a long professional and academic record with China spanning twenty years. She is a qualified acupuncturist and herbalist in Massachusetts, New York and California  and in addition  practiced Chinese  Drugs  in Suzhou and Shanghai, China from 2004-2007. She actually is a qualified instructor in a distinctive kind of qigong, referred to as The Dragon’s Method ®, which helps persons self-heal from a variety of chronic health problems by practicing 10 simple energy actions daily and in addition using herbs and healing foods.As a Chinese Medicine practitioner, Keto Shark Tank  Kelly specializes in treating neurological diseases, women’s health, fertility, digestive and autoimmune weight and disorders loss. Besides using acupuncture, herbal products, and therapeutic qigong, she helps her  sufferers  explore underlying stresses, lifestyle and dietary behaviors that donate to imbalances to ensure that they are fully involved in their own healing process.

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