Langostino vs. lobster: what's the difference?

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Understanding the Endangered Species Act: the petition to list the Eastern oyster as endangered may spawn questions from consumers.(Seafood FAQ) (Seafood Business) Don't let sales ebb when red tide hits: educate consumers about the causes and effects of this natural event.(Seafood FAQ) (Seafood Business) Don't let the cholesterol myth block shrimp sales; discerning "good" from "bad" cholesterol and promoting shellfish's healthful attributes is critical.(Seafood: FAQ) (Seafood Business) Science, not sentiment, is key to live-lobster sales: Whole Foods' decision to stop selling live lobsters is sure to spawn consumer inquiries.(Seafood FAQ) (Seafood Business) LJS adds langostino to menu: diners rave about the lobster-like morsels.(FOODSERVICE)(Long John Silver's new menu product)(Brief article) (Seafood Business) Fish farms can't get a break.(Editor's Note) (Seafood Business) more
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