Morton's stump neuroma

I had surgery in early August for Morton's Neuroma.  My doctor told me yeterday that there is a possibility I could have Stump Neuroma.  I still have quite a bit of swelling and, seemingly, a knot where the surgery was performed.  I am in  constant pain withit and cannot put pressure on it, so can hardly walk.  What would be the treatment for the stump neuroma?  He has ordered physical therapy,  which he says will be extremely painful.  Any other suggestions?

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You are not alone. After having a Morton's neuroma removed, many patients suffer with a stump neuroma.

Physical therapy does NOT always include walking on your sore foot. Therapists can ease various pains by using heat, cold, or electrical stimulation.

Sometimes injections help to reduce the swelling or block the nerves. If all else fails, another surgery is required to remove the rest of the nerve.

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