Most boat owners name their boats. What is the most popular boat > name requested?

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iwnit posted a great answer and BOAT/US is a great source of boating information and education (I've been a member since 1985). I'll add an observation based on my 20+ years of boating experience. You'll seldom find Serenity on the transom of a power boat. While Serenity is a very popular name for sailboats, it would be far down the list for power boat. The same could be said for Summer Wind and other similar names. Conversely, there are names that are almost exclusively power boat names. I never recall seeing Temporary Insanity on the transom of a sailboat. Boaters don't "request" names, they pick their own. Pleasure boats that are documented are required to display the vessel name on the transom. The Coast Guard establishes the requirements for documented vessel names. The name cannot exceed 33 letters; cannot sound like any word or words used to call for assistance at sea; may not contain or be phonetically identical to obscene, indecent, or profane language, or to racial or ...
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