My baby's stomach gurgles so loudly when feeding... is that a symptom of colic?

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My son did the same thing, except he is a breastfed baby. He spent the first 5 or 6 weeks going through the stomach pain, gas pain, crying, kicking his legs, and being very fussy. I could hear the milk hitting his belly, and it gurgled all the way through his gut. I can still hear these sounds, but he is now 8 weeks old and I think his belly has matured a bit. I also think that what is helping him greatly is the probiotic we are giving him everyday. It's the one thing, since we started it, that has seemed to make a difference. My regimine for him goes like this: 1. Little Tummies Gas Relief drops every two to three hours around the clock. 2. Colic Calm when he gets really fussy. You can only purchase this online, and it's the only gripe water that is FDA approved. They have a website. My pediatrician would only approve this one for him. 3. 1/2 teaspoon of probiotic powder mixed into 1 tablespoon of breast milk and given to him through a medicine dropper each day. Go to Wild Oats or ... more
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