My cat has been diagnosed with restrictive cardiomyopathy (RCM), what do I do?

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RCM cannot be diagnosed without an ultrasound, so if your cat has not had an ultrasound, the diagnosis of RCM is premature and you should request an ultrasound immediately. Once an ultrasound has been performed and your cat diagnosed with RCM, he/she will be placed on an ACE-inhibitor and/or a calcium channel blocker. The medication prescribed will depend on the condition of your cat's heart. Beta-blockers are generally not prescribed for RCM. RCM is a rarer and more severe heart condition than HCM, so most likely your cat will be in congestive heart failure and will also be placed on a diuretic. Aspirin may also be prescribed if your cat is at a high risk for developing blood clots. Once all of this has been done, it's up to you to ensure that your cat receives his/her medication and lots of TLC. You may want to read the Managing a Cat with Heart Disease section. more
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