My central air conditioner has a hard time cooling my upstairs. Any ideas?

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central air conditioner has a hard time cooling…

Jogn Cartman Jogn Cartman edited answer

I assume that it is a technical issue, and you will have to find a specialist that can help you to inspect the air-con and to establish what is the solution. I had a similar problem and because of lack of knowledge, I decided to throw it. Thankfully my friend came to me and recommended checking this site I contacted the company I was recommended by my friend. A specialist came in less than an hour, and he fixed the problem quickly. Most probably I would throw out my air con if my friend wouldn’t come to me on that day.

PaulMGrady PaulMGrady edited answer

I had the same problem a few months back but managed to fix the problem with the help of an air conditioning in Tonbridge Company. Do you have a well-insulated attic? If you don’t or it is poorly insulated, this may be part of your problem.

The other thing may be attic ventilation. A gable end vent fan installation will cycle temperature and help you to significantly lower your attic temperature and add a heat load to the rooms upstairs.

More ideas… closing your bedroom doors could possibly help if in each room, there is a return. How many zones/thermostats are there? If you only have one, with a cool downstairs and hot upstairs, you could shut down a bit on the downstairs vents so as to allow more air in your upstairs. This will also enable the thermostat to get a representative sample. Leaving the doors upstairs closed will ensure that cold air up there does not fall downstairs to cool it further, which may cause the AC to prematurely cycle. For more information on this topic you can visit here