My garage door only opens or closes part way then reverses?

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1 Answer

• Make sure nothing is catching or is obstructing the travel of the door. • Make sure your safety sensors are working properly. • Operate your door manually to feel any obvious obstructions. Remember the door might feel light when pulled up or down, but because of how an opener pushes the door it is quite different. Look for signs of too much weight, noise, and imbalance in the door. • Do not just increase the travel force on the opener for you are instructing the opener to perform a more difficult job it wasn't intended to do, you will damage the opener gear or housing. Back To Top • I don't have an access to my garage and the power fails, the opener stopped working, or I left my remote inside. How can I get access inside? You are not alone. Many homes have limited access to their garage. When the electricity goes out, the opener decides to fail, or you leave the remote accidentally inside, the garage is as secure as a bank vault. There is a garage door accessory called an emergency ... more
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