My husband is a mechanic. how do i get the smell of oil and grease out of his clothes and off his skin?

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Dish liquid (not anti-bacterial which dries out hands & makes them rougher) & scrub brush on hands. For hand stains, bar of Lava soap & brush works well. To bring moisture back into the hands this abused, get Rose Glycerin found in the pharmacy area. Put on clean hands full strength, dab off excess with paper towel (oily) and let soak on hands for 3-5 minutes before lightly re-washing hands. Rose Glycerin is the ingredient in lotions to soften hands; remainder of the lotions contain perfumes, colors & mixed or whipped. Higher percent of this ingredient, better it works. For clothes, will need liquid laundry detergent (not granular) and run through one wash & spin. Then send through second wash with same liquid detergent WITH added: Spc N Span or Pine Sol, then go through the rinse cycle. more
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