My MBT-XBR900 media box got lost when I changed homes. Can it be replaced with the MBT-XBR 950 box, because the 950 has also got in-built HDTV?

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The models from the two series are not interchangeable. You would definitely require the MBT-XBR900 receiver box if you have the plasma of the same series. Thank you for the fantastic and informative site! What do you think of the new 42X1 HDTV and how would you rate it against the 42V1 EDTV? How is the new model with analog signals, and is the brightness/contrast still the same or is it better? Does it come with removable speakers and what are the inputs at the back? I want to purchase a set for myself, but wanted to check out the new model and compare it with the old 42V1 EDTV before making a decision. I was fortunate enough to be able to check out the 42X1 at Sony's stall at INFOCOMM. Though I have not yet got my hands on a unit myself to perform my own set of tests, I can tell you from how it looked at the show that it seemed to outperform the B2 by a long measure. The new model offers higher contrast and color reproduction over the V1, and in addition also has HDTV resolution. I ... more
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