My neighbor and his buddies do car repair work every weekend and the cars are always different ones. I think he's running a business at his house - can you stop him?

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Yes. Even though the Municipal Code provides for some Home Occupation activities, doing motor vehicle repair work for commercial purposes is not permitted. Code Enforcement works weekend shifts to better enable us to observe this type of violation and make contact while it is occurring. One of the easiest ways to eliminate this problem is to require all vehicle repair work done at the residence be only on those vehicles registered to the property. The regulations also prohibit employees, i.e., the “buddies," to report to the property for work and even further prohibits the use of the garage as part of the home occupation activity. FYI – There are also regulations concerning homeowner/tenant repair work on personal vehicles. Only temporary emergency repairs, like changing a battery or tire, may be conducted outside the confines of the garage. Inoperable vehicles and/or vehicle parts are not permitted on private property, in public view. more
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