My stitches from my wisdom teeth are hanging, How can I get them to dissolve faster?

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1 Answer

Mine did the same thing. The part that is hanging won't actually dissolve; only the part that is inside of your gum will. All four of my stitches came out after ten days. I was able to get them to loosen up and then fall out by sort of swishing liquid in each corner of my mouth. Even though the exposed part won't dissolve, the liquid sort of jostled them around and made them looser. I would be hesitant to pull them out, because they will come out as soon as the other end is dissolved. If you pull them out too early, you will rip the gum, and that would be painful. If they are bugging you, I would just go to your dentist or your surgeon and ask them to clip off the edges. It's hard to do by yourself, but they should be able to do it in thirty seconds, and you won't have to worry about the ends coming out. Hope this helps. more
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