My tracking number doesnt show up on UPS/Fed/Ex?

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1 Answer

At UPS and Federal Express, when the truck picks up your order from one of our shipping locations, all packages are then brought to a central location to be scanned into their systems. This central location may be in the same town or in a town several hours away. Due to this time delay there is often a lag between the time we send you the tracking email and when UPS/Fedex scans the tracking number into their system. This delay can be longer during the Christmas rush. Your order is still heading your way the tracking number just may not give you information for a while. Please allow 12 hours from the time you receive your tracking number before you contact us with this issue. If after 12 hours your tracking number still doesnt work; send us your order number and tracking number totracking@beanbagsuperstore.com and we will help you. more
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