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ello. In general, I want to make sports bets on tennis. Very carefully approached the choice of bookmaker. After long checks and inquiries, I decided to stop at   In addition to the bookmaker, I also found the following interesting information:

The advantages of tennis betting
In bookmakers, tennis is one of the most popular sports. Home football players after football. The most significant of these tennis betting is:

Where is the draw is impossible. It greatly simplifies the game.
Single sport. If you’re coming back, you can’t get to , is tennis. The main argument is match analysis. It is much easier to appreciate the player.
Minimal influence of judges. Unlike many other sports, judicial errors. In addition, tennis players have to replay.
A high percentage of comebacks. It was no secret that the professional players wondered on the tennis court during the match.
A large number of tournaments. You must be able to make sure that you’ve made it possible to choose the right size.
It is also worth noting that bookmakers can be easily found on the Internet. This is important. Learn how to get your own wealth. It is impossible to become a successful player.
What do you think this knowledge is enough to win?


If you are completely new in this matter, then I advise you not to start betting, but to start playing on the site Here you can earn faster and more reliable. Betting is always a big risk, since nothing depends on you there.


If you are a fan of a sports team, then I do not recommend you bet on it. It may end badly. Because you can not objectively assess the situation. You must always make informed decisions. Toga expects success.

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  • What advice do you give? Do any of you have any friends who have made money on sports betting? No? Well, why are you advising then? You need to work, and sports betting is just entertainment.
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I agree with the comments above. Indeed, in order to bet on sports, you first need to decide what kind of sport to root for, for which team, weigh all the chances, know the approximate strategy of the players, and understand this sport. You need to be sure where you bet. Now it’s full of all kinds of resources and bookmakers, where they accept bets, and you need to choose the right one, now legal sports bets are the most relevant offer. I once found a good betting center , where you can legally place bets on sports. Everything is described in great detail there. So good luck with your bets and wish you victories!


The bettor’s task is to find the inconsistencies of the kefs and the real chances of the teams. For a simple understanding of how this is applied in practice, let’s take a football match with one of the greatest European football in the local championship. In the match Real Madrid – Real Sociedad, a bet on guests with a handicap of + 2 will be profitable. These are also called valuables.