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Grzegorz Brzęczyszczykiewicz Amara88 edited answer

Good day. I am going to make the house renovation and for this aim, I need to find some interesting design solutions that will be really modern and actual. Can you recommend me something?

Amara88 Amara88 edited answer

Well, I’d renovated the kitchen recently, and can say that installing granite countertops was a great decision. They make my kitchen look stylish and more modern. Also, it’s an excellent countertop for the kitchen because they are solid and easy to clean. I can recommend you one site where you can find Granite & Quartz Bathroom Countertops, Orlando, FL, to choose from. The selection is vast, and the quality is high. I hope I managed to help you somehow.

Elza Hellister Elza Hellister edited answer

But you can really find a lot of cool solutions on pinterest. We are now also engaged in repairs, and found a cool solution to improve the house. It can be applied to many areas in the house, I like this versatility and practicality


Hi there! What I usually do to inspire – check ideas on Pinterest. There are a lot of opportunities to find any good local brands that usually have a better quality of items they sell, than the mass market. And the prices are lower, by the way. As for home decoration, try to check, I like their antique rugs. They look amazing in a modern design. I have a minimalistic living room, and my large rug from that store brings a cozy and fashionable atmosphere. I think you will be able to find there anything. The variety is great.

Mark Towers

Oh, bro, did you hear something about smart house conception? I think that it could be a great decision to make some devices smart