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Grzegorz Brzęczyszczykiewicz Elza Hellister edited answer

Good day. I am going to make the house renovation and for this aim, I need to find some interesting design solutions that will be really modern and actual. Can you recommend me something?

Elza Hellister Elza Hellister edited answer

But you can really find a lot of cool solutions on pinterest. We are now also engaged in repairs, and found a cool solution to improve the house. It can be applied to many areas in the house, I like this versatility and practicality


Hi there! What I usually do to inspire – check ideas on Pinterest. There are a lot of opportunities to find any good local brands that usually have a better quality of items they sell, than the mass market. And the prices are lower, by the way. As for home decoration, try to check, I like their antique rugs. They look amazing in a modern design. I have a minimalistic living room, and my large rug from that store brings a cozy and fashionable atmosphere. I think you will be able to find there anything. The variety is great.

Mark Towers

Oh, bro, did you hear something about smart house conception? I think that it could be a great decision to make some devices smart