Next Trip? Need advice, help, and suggestions

Alexia Hunt Posted

How to choose the next destination? Don’t know where to go, any ideas?


Hello Alexia, I would like to recommend you to visit Tanzania. There you will see wildlife, waterfalls and the pearl of Africa – Kilimanjaro. I visited with my family just 2 years ago and I will say that we still have a lot of pleasant and unforgettable emotions. To facilitate your search for agencies, I will recommend you exactly the one we traveled with. The guys from this company made for us an unforgettable adventure on Kilimanjaro. Thus, you can still conquer the highest peak in Africa.


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Mark Towers

When I feel like I want to go on a trip, I just open and see what the options are. Traveling is amazingly interesting and there are a lot of destinations, adding some random to the whole process makes it even more interesting most of the times.


Choosing your next destination is quite easy. It is mainly your personal choice but there are factors you need to check that will fit your own taste. First, your preference places. You need to know which is your prefer places by asking questions such as “what kind of places you would want to see? Is it nature? Is it beaches? Is it historical places?” Second, you need to check your budget. Then third, ask for help and tips. Search online and ask other travelers.

Some great places are Japan, Korea, Philippines, and more. Each place has their own unique culture and landmarks, wherever it will be, there will always be a great new things to see.

June Manning

It’s easy, first of all, when do you want to go on travels? Personally, I think fall is the best time for traveling. Have you been to Peru? I am pretty sure this destination is not the most popular but I highly recommend visiting it. In addition, in order to find more interesting destinations, read this article