Night vision rifle scopes

Mary D

I am looking to get an education on night vision rifle scopes. There are differences in Gen 1,2 and 3 but what are they? Gen 3 is the most modern and I would image the best of the three types. There is very little information that I can find specially for the price tags these things are carrying. Thermal is way out there price wise, too far out for me.
What I am looking for is a good solid night vision system for coyotes. Ranges out to 500 yards either add on or stand alone.
Links to information would be most helpful.
I have checked out Optics Planet and the like but there is no real useful information.

Frank Davis

I recommend you to check out the sights from They are really very good and the price is fair, from my point of view. I have been using a couple of sights from them for a long time without any issues at all. You will like them too

Masha Esina

Ok, so I did a lotta digging and researching before pulling trigger, had a friend buy & evaluate Gen 1 as an example and after dust settled, so to speak, the best for the buck and performance-wise is the Sightmark Photon XT 4.6x42S DIGITAL NV Riflescope (with LED, not laser) – boy this one gives me eyes in almost complete darkness (to human eye)! With additional infrared lighting (UNV-20IR, which by the way, you can build yourself for much-much less – google it) I can easily see beyond 250 yards. Not that I intend to shoot at that distance with that little of magnification especially at night. For less than $500 you get the performance of like Gen 2+ if not Gen 3! Read reviews, watch YouTube and see if you like what you see. I’m one happy hunter! Bagged many, many hogs.  Also, Digital NV can be used at day time unlike regular NVs – big plus for me. Tips: use rechargeable batteries which last much longer than regular AAs – they last for hours, the whole evening hunt with on&off. If you do use additional lighting then set it a bit away from the optics as it tends to blind it a bit. Flash Suppressor matters much for NV – pick one that gets rid off the flash, otherwise your NV will go blind for a few precious seconds if you do follow up shots.